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Featured Extras

Here are just a few of the extras we include with our firearms:


We exclusively ship Hexmag™ magazines with all WGM Tactical builds.



By GunVault™ Keeps your AR safe and secure. Fits in the magazine well and locks in quickly.


Armageddon Tactical

We spec the Armageddon Tactical GMS-15 Gen I Charging Handle.


Hogue Buttstocks

Superior polymer construction with a rubber cheek rest and butt pad that provides snag-free shouldering.


Why Choose WGM Tactical?

These days, it seems like everyone is selling an AR-based rifle. Here's why WGM is different:

Bulletproof Warranty

100% product replacement. Period.

Quality Made

We hand assemble & inspect all of our components.

100% American

We only build with 100% USA made components.

Never Average

Mil-Spec is the minimum. We go above and beyond.


All rifles are equiped for use with AE™ Suppressors.

We Build Dreams

Want something different? Just ask, we can build it!

We've Got Your 6!

Ever been burned by a so-called "warranty" that fails to deliver when you actually need it? Our warranty policy is simple: If any of our WGM Tactical rifles or pistols ever fail under normal operation, we will replace the entire unit. That's it.

American Made

All WGM Tactical rifles and pistols are made in America, with all USA made parts, and assembled by certified armorers. It doesn't get any more domestic than that!

No need to replace your entire firearm with our retrofit and upgrade program. Call us with your needs and we can discuss the details.!

We offer concealed carry training courses for Nevada, Placer, Sierra and many other California counties. We work with many training groups and instructors, and can get you all the training you need.

Our primary concern at WGM Tactical, is, and has always been, the safe and educated use of firearms. Once someone understands the fundamentals of safe firearms use, only then, can you truly enjoy the firearm world. This is one reason that WGM includes with every firearm, eye & ear protection, chamber safety flags, firearm safety lock to disable the firearm when stored away and not in use, and a locking hard sided case.
As Col. Jeff Cooper once said, safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands. That being said, it's easy to see why we push so hard for people to get training, and keep training. Knowledge is power, and we want safe shooters out there, it benefits everyone.
When WGM Tactical began manufacturing, we wanted to provide our customers with the absolute best rifle on the market, the best customer service, the best warranty, and the lowest cost. We quickly realized that there will always be someone 'cheaper', but without our other goals. We believe we have come up with the best combination, yet remain competitively priced in the quality rifle market.


The quality and precision of my new WGM-15 is incredible!

-John Deere/ AG Professional


-Heidi George/ Director of Security, WGM Tactical